Flash Photography Course

Flash photography can create beautiful images that will make your photos stand out. Learn how to use your flash like a professional by studying the differences between hard and soft light, and color temperature. Master various flash settings: manual, TTL, direct, bounce, off-camera, and more.

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The Best Flash Diffusers and How To Use Them Effectively

Flash diffusers help you illuminate your subjects with a much more appealing light than using bare flash. A flash diffuser scatters and softens the...

All You Need To Know About Fill Flash

How do you use fill flash is a question many photographers struggle with. Flash adds another level of complexity to photography. Like anything, once...

11 Camera Settings for Night Photography Without Flash

Nighttime photography is already very challenging, but it’s even more so if you want to take photographs without a flash. There are lots of...

Tips for Filling in Shadows: Using Reflectors and External Flash

The process of photographing portraits can be achieved by implementing either studio or natural light. Although natural light offers a soft, glowing appearance, often...

Using the Pop-up Flash on Your Camera

Pop-up Flash This article, though primarily intended for DSLR users, would be just as useful for any digital camera user with a built-in flash. I...

Understanding Rear Curtain Sync (What You Need To Know)

Rear Curtain Sync If you have fiddled with the built-in flash on your camera or with an external flash unit, you may have probably heard...

Premium Flash Photography Classes

Online video photography classes are a convenient and economical way to learn and improve your photography skills. Photography Course has partnered with top online learning providers to offer you affordable courses from international master professional photographers. Master on-camera flash, off-camera flash, bounce flash, using guide numbers, and metering from top photography instructors. is a participant in the Udemy, Craftsy, CreativeLive, SkillShare, and LinkedIn Learning affiliate programs. These affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for our site to earn fees by linking to these sites.

Flash Photography for Beginners

Learn how to master Flash photography both on and off camera through some simple, straightforward teaching.

What The Flash | The Evolution of Light

Creating the light you want with off-camera flash photography. Learn the art of using off camera flash.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Off-Camera Flash

Follow Bernie Raffe on 19 photo sessions & learn to create beautiful light using small flashes & take stunning dramatic portraits.

Off-Camera Flash Photography

Put your subjects in their best light no matter what the setting by taking your speedlight off-camera and creating fantastic portraits with Neil van Niekerk’s expert flash techniques.

Basics of Flash Photography

Let Santa Fe instructor Rick Allred shed light on the basics of how to use your flash like a pro, for natural, beautiful results that will set your photos apart.

Studio Portrait Lighting

Let photographer Kirk Tuck show you the equipment, setup and lighting techniques you’ll need to create alluring, professional-quality studio portraits.

How to Shoot with Flash

Enhance Your Photos By Controlling Your Light! Photographer Mike Hagen will show you how to use your external flash quickly and comfortably.

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Speedlights 101

Once you know what’s happening with your camera and flash you can do almost anything. Speedlights open up a new realm in your photography.

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Speedlight Photography Basics

Join Mike Fulton for a comprehensive course on speedlight photography — including how to use this versatile flash system to increase efficiency and expand your creative ability.

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Photography Foundations: Flash

Not understanding how your flash works can ruin incredible compositions. This course is all about the basics of flash photography and how you can utilize it to its best advantage. Follow professional photographer Ben Long as he shows you which flashes work best, angles, flash power, and much more.

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Advanced Photography: Flash

This flash photography course is for photographers who already have a basic level of how flash works. Instead, you will learn more advanced techniques in flash photography including how to use softboxes, umbrellas, and the behavior of light. Lastly, you will learn how professional studio techniques that will help you feel confident.

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